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Nonna’s Homemade Raviolis

Ingredients - tools needed: Ravioli Machine & Ravioli Dough Cutter Grinder Wheel


Filling (Approx. 30 Raviolis)


  1. DOUGH:

    • Add all ingredients in a bowl. Mix by hand and cover
  2. FILLING: 

    • Brown beef & pork in a skillet with a small amount of olive oil
    • Remove from pan and put into bowl
    • Add:
      • parmesan
      • ricotta
      • spinach
      • parsley
      • salt & pepper
    • Mix by hand until all ingredients are blended together
    • Cover and refrigerate
  3. DOUGH:

    • Take dough out of bowl & put on floured surface
    • Cut into two sections, roll out with rolling pin
    • Feed through dough machine
    Starting on setting #1 and making your way to setting #4. Make sure you continually flour the rollers on the machine so the dough does not stick
    • Place the dough on floured surface and add 1 heaping spoon of meat filling 2 inches or so apart until there is no room left
    • Place the second dough over the top
    • Gently, with the side of your hand, press down in between the lumps to form the raviolis. Cut with the grinder wheel staying away from the filling area
    • Finish edge with fork by pressing down all around the 4 sides
    • Sprinkle cornmeal on cookie sheet
    • Put raviolis on cookie sheet and put in freezer
    • When frozen, put in Ziploc bags
    • Put bags in freezer
    • Fill large pot with 2/3 water and bring to boil
    • Reduce heat
    • Add frozen raviolis to water and boil on a lower setting for 5-7 minutes
    • Strain gently so they do not break apart
    • Serve with your favorite sauce - or you can make Nonna's Sauce (link)

    Bon Appetit 

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